Welcome to the AI4EU project

The AI4EU proposal addressing  ICT-26 2018 H2020 call has successfully passed the evaluation process

This project will start in January 2019

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a disruptive technology of our times with expected impacts rivalling those of electricity or printing. In the past few years Artificial Intelligence has witnessed tremendous advancements and achievements, becoming a pervasive technology in a wide range of applications, from industrial domains to smartphone apps and embedded systems. This accelerating pace of innovation will lead AI technology to have a huge beneficial impact on the three cornerstones of sustainable development: the economy, the society and the environment.

Main elements of the AI4EU project

  • it will efficiently build a comprehensive European AI-on-demand platform to lower barriers to innovation, to boost technology transfer and catalyse the growth of start-ups and SMEs in all sectors through Open calls and other actions.
  • The platform will act as a broker, developer and one-stop shop providing and showcasing services, expertise, algorithms, software frameworks, development tools, components, modules, data, computing resources, prototyping functions and access to funding.
  • Training will enable different user communities (engineers, civic leaders, etc.) to obtain skills and certifications.
  • The AI4EU Platform will establish a world reference, built upon and interoperable with existing AI and data components and other dedicated platforms.
  • It will mobilize the whole European AI ecosystem in the 27 countries including researchers, innovators and related talents.
  • Eight industry-driven AI pilots will demonstrate the value of the platform as an innovation tool.
  • In order to enhance the platform, research on five key interconnected AI scientific areas will be carried out using platform technologies and results will be implemented.
  • The pilots and research will showcase how AI4EU can stimulate scientific discovery and technological.
  • An  AI4EU Ethical Observatory will be established to ensure the respect of human centred AI values and European regulations.
  • Sustainability will be ensured via the creation of the AI4EU Foundation.
  • The results will feed a new and very comprehensive Strategic Research Innovation Agenda for Europe.

This web site is a placeholder. The real one should become live in December 2018